Is your business getting enough leads to grow? Does your sales team have a ready pipeline of prospective customers to engage and talk to? Discover these lead generation and sales tools that you can leverage to generate more qualifying leads, distribute content marketing materials, streamline your work, book more meetings, and close more deals in 2020. 

How to choose a sales tool: Features and capabilities 

Ready to choose a sales tool? While digital sales tools will enable you to add deals, assign tasks, and track customer data easily, sales tools available on the market will come with different features and capabilities. 

Common features of sales tools include: 

Contact management A digital contact book that tracks customer engagements with your business, the products they bought or are interested in, their needs, and the challenges they face.
Deal management A database of deals made that can be sorted by clients, dates, value, and geographical zones. Some sales tools enable you to create custom fields depending on the nature of your business. 
Task management Create and manage tasks that can be assigned to team members. 
Social integration Some sales tools are built-in with social functions to provide seamless integration between social media activities and your CRM system. 
Email integration Sales tools enable you to sync emails, contacts, and events, thus allowing you to work seamlessly inside your inbox. 
Data analytics & dashboards Analyse sales data and web visitorship on a digital dashboard and generate relevant reports. 
Lead scoring Prospective customers can be scored according to how genuinely interested they are in what your business has to offer. 
Lead pipeline View your individual and team performance, check the health of your sales pipeline, and identify potential high growth areas.
Meeting and email scheduling Schedule meetings with your clients or schedule follow-up emails easily. 
Alerts and notifications Sales tools will notify you via email if a customer has opened your email, made an enquiry, or made a purchase. 
VoIP Connect directly with prospective customers from within the sales tool by making a voice call over the internet. 
Marketing automation Machine learning lets you send messages to target customers depending on how they interact with your business. 

Top 7 sales tools in 2020

1. AeroLeads

Logo of AeroLeads, one of the sales tools
AeroLeads is one of the sales tools that helps you find emails and contact numbers of prospects.
Image credit: FinancesOnline

AeroLeads is a powerful prospecting, sales, and lead generation software used by businesses, start-ups, as well as individual sales agents. 

What AeroLeads can do for you

The software generates emails and phone numbers of relevant customer prospects by extracting them from the web in real time. 

Simply install the Chrome plugin and enter your application programming interface (API) key. Next, go to LinkedIn and search by relevant terms. A sidebar pop-up will display all the potential prospects that you can add to AeroLeads. 

Once your prospects are added to the Aeroleads page, you’ll be able to view their emails and phone numbers. 

AeroLeads pricing

Plans are available at USD 49, USD 149, and USD 499 monthly, which will enable you to add 1,000, 4,000, and 15,000 prospects to your AeroLeads database respectively. 

USD 49/month USD 149/month USD 499/month
Number of leads you can add 1,000 4,000 15,000
Transfer to Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, HubSpot, FreshSales, Zapier, etc. No Yes Yes
Users 1 5 Unlimited
Support Email Chat and email Chat, email, and phone

2. HubSpot

Logo of HubSpot, one of the sales tools
Features of HubSpot include identifying prospects, creating email templates, and scheduling follow-up emails.
Image credit: PCMag

HubSpot is a multidimensional platform with a suite of sales tools that surfaces new prospects, track deals, and organises your sales activities. 

What the HubSpot tool can do for you

HubSpot’s sales tools help you identify the right businesses to reach out to. Through its Prospects tool , you can identify the companies visiting your website, and view which web pages people working in those companies are engaged in. This enables you to follow-up quickly with prospects. 

The HubSpot Sales tool enables you to create email templates and focus on the most engaged prospects. It also reveals the most effective email templates and approaches. Instead of manually managing your tasks and reminders, you can schedule a series of emails via its Sequences tool. 

For instance, you can schedule a follow-up email to be sent if your prospective customer doesn’t reply within three days. If they respond to your emails, the sequence will automatically stop to let you take over. This automates manual and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to prioritise customer-facing work. 

Besides automating emails and keeping your prospects engaged with the Sales tool, you also get to elevate your content marketing to them. 

HubSpot pricing

Plans are available at $56, $560, and $1,680 monthly. 

$56/month $560/month $1,680/month
Number of teams Up to 10 teams Up to 300 teams + hierarchical teams
– Email scheduling
– Email tracking
– Email templates
Yes Yes Yes
– Smart send time
– Salesforce integration
No Yes Yes
– Predictive lead scoring No No Yes

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A screenshot of LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to connect with people outside of your network.
Image credit: AdWeek

One of the best sales tools out there is LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a sales management platform that enables you to tap directly into the LinkedIn network. 

What LinkedIn Sales Navigator can do for you

To begin your targeted lead search, simply build your ideal client profile. LinkedIn Sales Navigator will start filtering through its extensive database. Through its advanced algorithms, the tool connects you with prospects through automatic lead generation. This means gaining access to connections beyond your network. 

In addition, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides sales insights that enable you to access updates on your sales accounts and leads in real-time. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing

Plans are available at USD 64.99 and USD 103.33 monthly. 

USD 64.99/month USD 103.33/month
– 1,500 saved leads
– Extended LinkedIn network access
– Advanced lead and company search
– Lead and account recommendations
Yes Yes
– +3,500 additional saved leads
– Organic marketing alerts
– CRM integrations
– Usage reporting
– Invoicing
No Yes

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4. Albacross

Logo of Albacross, one of the sales tools
Albacross lets you generate leads based on your site visitors.
Image credit: FinancesOnline

Albacross is a B2B platform that increases lead generation based on your site’s web visitors. 

What Albacross can do for you 

The software is designed to give you specific information on every person who visits your website, including the company they work for, how many times they visited your site, which pages they visited, and the time spent on your site. 

You can then use the data as a sales lead to reach out to your prospects, thereby converting anonymous traffic into leads. 

Based on these user data, you can also customise the user journey and content marketing on your website for a more personalised experience. 

Albacross also enables you to perform account-based marketing by targeting high-value customer accounts. The tool focuses on website visitors who are interested in your products or services and lets you sort them by industry, keywords, revenue, employees, and geographical location. This helps you zero in on decision-makers and key representatives. 

Albacross pricing

Plans are available at EUR 40, EUR 400, and EUR 1,000 and above monthly. 

EUR 40/month EUR 400/month EUR 1,000/month
Number of users 1 10 Unlimited
– Activity data
– Filters and segments
– Email reports
– Slack workflows
Yes Yes Yes
– Advanced filters and segments
– Workflows via Zapier & Webhooks
– Native CRM integrations
No Yes Yes
– Account-based marketing service
– Custom API integration
– API for website personalisation
No No Yes

5. ClinchPad

Screenshot of ClinchPad, one of the sales tools
ClinchPad helps you track and view your sales pipeline.
Image credit: ClinchPad

ClinchPad is a simple cloud-based CRM and sales management tool that’s built for small teams and businesses to track leads. 

What ClinchPad can do for you 

ClinchPad enables you to track and filter leads on a centralised platform, identify bottlenecks in the sales process, and attach relevant emails to each lead. 

This transforms the traditional way of tracking sales on spreadsheets, while enabling teams to view their sales pipeline on a visual interface and collaborate virtually. 

Leads can also be categorised by products and services that you offer, lead generation sources, and geographical zones. 

ClinchPad pricing 

Plans are available at USD 9, USD 19, USD 49, and USD 99 monthly. 

USD 9/month USD 19/month USD 49/month USD 99/month
Number of users 1 user 5 users 15 users 33 users
Storage 2GB 5GB 10GB 20GB
Unlimited leads Yes Yes Yes Yes

6. Better Proposals

Screenshot of Better Proposals
Better Proposals allows you to create proposals with customisable templates.
Image credit: Better Proposals

Better Proposals is a web-based proposal writing software that offers a variety of professionally-designed customisable templates. 

What Better Proposals can do for you 

Better Proposals allows you to build and edit proposals with customisable templates easily. Proposals that have been successful and effective can be shared and recycled through the proposal library. 

Besides simplifying the proposal preparation process, this tool sends you an email each time your proposal is opened, forwarded to someone else, or signed. This enables you to follow up with your prospective customers at the most opportune time. 

For your proposals, you may leverage Better Proposals’ intelligent pricing tables which enable you to set recurring fees, bill multiple items at once, or add optional line items. 

Better Proposals pricing 

Plans are available at USD 19, USD 49, and USD 129 monthly. 

USD 19/month USD 49/month USD 129/month
Number of users 1 user 3 users 3 users
Number of proposals 10 50 Unlimited
Other features – Custom domain
– CRM integrations
– Payment integrations
– Zapier Project management integrations
– Company report
– One-to-one training
– Custom setup service
– Custom pricing

7. Salesforce

Logo of Salesforce, one of the sales tools
Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM and sales tools.
Image credit: Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software with an array of sales tools that enable sales, marketing, and customer support teams to work collaboratively online. 

What Salesforce can do for you 

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is a leading CRM software that allows you to deliver personalised customer journey for each of your customers. For instance, it allows you to gain insights into your customers based on their activity history, as well as connect you with key decision-makers faster. 

What’s more, Salesforce offers software that can support your marketing and customer service effort. 

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud increases customer engagement by allowing you to personalise the customer journey at various touchpoints. Its email marketing, content building, and data studio capabilities will also complement the content marketing services that you have. 

Another Salesforce tool, the Salesforce Service Cloud , allows you to offer your customers multi-channel support via phone, email, social media, and web chat. Data analytics programmes are also available to help you access visualised aggregated data and predictive insights in order to act quickly to improve your overall sales and customer service. 

Salesforce pricing

Plans for its Sales Cloud are available at USD 25, USD 75, USD 150, and USD 300 monthly. 

USD 25/user/
USD 75/user/
USD 150/user/
USD 300/user/
Account, contact, lead,  and opportunity management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead registration and rules-based lead scoring, and collaborative forecasting No Yes Yes Yes
Workflow and approval automation No No Yes Yes
24/7 support and configuration services No No No Yes

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