Whether you’re looking at amplifying your brand’s presence online or building a digital brand from scratch, content is king in this digital era. While you might be looking for a copywriting agency in Singapore to help you achieve your content marketing goals, there are some things you should know before working with one. 

Here, we’ve rounded up 6 things you should be clear of before engaging one. 

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1. You should have a clear understanding of your brand and its goals

Brands often make the mistake of not expressing their goals clearly. It’s also important that you have a clear understanding of what your brand stands for—including its vision and mission—and communicate them to your client.

This will make the working relationship with your potential copywriting agency much smoother as there will be an alignment in terms of direction and goals. 

Here’s a scenario:

  • Imagine your brand as a person going on a blind date.
  • As you sit at the table for your first meal together with your date (aka your copywriting agency), you ought to have known yourself thoroughly, to present the best version of yourself.
  • You start talking about the development of this relationship and your goals in life with your date.

It’s the same when beginning a new partnership with your potential copywriting agency in Singapore. Your agency needs to get to know you better to help your brand. 

If you’re unsure, most copywriting writing agencies will bring you through a ‘discovery’ phase, where they learn more about you and your brand by asking questions.

This phase also helps you become more clear-minded about your brand, the goals you’re trying to achieve, and the reasons these goals are important to you. 

Remember, the clearer you are about your brand and goals, the easier it is for your copywriting agency to advise and execute the strategies.

2. You should have a clear idea of your brand’s target audience

Woman penning her brand’s big idea on her laptop for her copywriting agency in Singapore
Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers is the key to achieving your content marketing goals.

Your target audience determines the content, tone, and choice of words your copywriting agency will use.

Imagine writing for a 10-year-old versus a 50-year-old. Would you be presenting the same information? Would you use the same vocabulary? 

Learn more about how the tone of voice affects your brand.

While it’s not difficult for the copywriting agency to research and define your target audience, it’s better done with the information coming from you. After all, you’ve been interacting with your customers and understand the specific nuances to take note.

By laying out your target audience’s browsing habits and communication style to your copywriting agency, it ensures that the strategies and content they put out is relatable and addresses their needs thoroughly. 

3. Your content needs an overarching idea behind it

Next, you should have an overarching idea for your content. 

For example, you want your new website to come off strongly that you’re a digital brand. That’s an overarching idea a copywriting agency in Singapore can use to craft their content strategy for you. 

With that idea, for instance, your content calendar can revolve around publishing articles relevant to digitalisation trends. The copywriter can also focus on crafting content that highlights the digital aspects of your brand.

In addition, you can focus on publishing content that entertains and educates them.

Without an overarching idea, your content sounds generic, consisting of dry words.

All in all, having a big idea will give the audience a better picture of what you’re trying to communicate. It will also help motivate them to learn more through your content. 

4. Your brief shouldn’t be too brief

As a copywriting agency in Singapore, we usually request a content brief before kickstarting a project for our clients

In general, the brief outlines the deliverables for your content, including the detailed requirements and timeline. It should be like a string that ties your content goals with that of your copywriting agency. 

By aligning expectations between parties, a good brief can effectively guide the content creation.

So, the brief should not be brief. In fact, the more detailed it is, the better!

A vague brief could leave too much space for your copywriting agency to maneuver, potentially creating frustration when the delivered content was not what you had in mind. 

5. Your headlines matter

List of headlines from a copywriting agency in Singapore
Without a great headline, your content will go to waste no matter how good it is.

Headlines are the key to getting your content noticed. Every copywriting agency knows that headlines are what entices the readers to check out a piece of content. 

Without a good headline that captures attention and showcases the gist of your content, your readers won’t feel motivated to read it.

No matter how good your introduction is or how important your message may be, it could end up unread when it doesn’t have a good headline. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good headline, as persuasion starts from the very first word. A great headline tells readers what to expect and assures them they’ll find what they need.

So remember to spend some time looking through the headlines your copywriting agency proposes.

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6. Your brand doesn’t need to sound clever

You may be tempted to ask your copywriting agency to include a lot of word play to make your brand sound more clever and relevant.

While this is sometimes done to pique the readers’ interest, too much of it can lead to confusion and impatience.

Writing is a craft. A good involves all of these things: the weaving of words to form a sentence, the addition of punctuations to give pauses, the choice of words to evoke emotion and thought.

Though bits of puns and jokes can tinkle a reader’s taste buds and warm their hearts, too much can leave them overwhelmed.

Keep in mind that your brand doesn’t always need to go down that route to make an impact. Sometimes, clarity and simplicity is the best way to convey your message well. 

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